Sale - Blue Apatite Gold Hoop Earrings - Maka'alohi

$ 89.00 $ 35.60

Gold Gemstone Hoop Earrings featuring stunning blue apatite. Blue Apatite is a deeply spiritual stone with a cleansing influence on the aura. This is a strong stone, and its energy also helps spiritual attunement as well as aids in self acceptance. Arm yourself with these favorite gold hoop earrings.

Handmade on Maui, Hawaii.

✧ Name: Maka'alohi (MA ka a LO hee) - Sparkling eyes.
✧ Gold plated blue apatite gemstone.
✧ 18kt Gold Filled - 16mm diameter.
✧ Sold as a pair.
✧ All Ke Aloha Jewelry pieces come packaged thoughtfully, beautifully, and ready for gift giving.

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