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Ke Aloha Jewelry

Tiny Silver Shark Tooth Necklace - White - Mano Jr.

$ 39.00

Mano- (mah NO) - shark.

A tiny, delicate sterling silver shark tooth pendant necklace. A tiny, single white shark tooth decorated with a sterling silver stardust bead on a sterling silver chain. Lovely, striking, and unique. Perfect alone or as a lovely layered necklace.

Handmade on Maui, Hawaii.

✧ Tiny genuine white shark tooth.
✧ Sterling silver cable chain.
✧ Sterling silver spring clasp.
✧ Due to the nature of the shark tooth, each piece will vary in size and shape. Every piece is gorgeous and unique.
✧ This Ke Aloha Jewelry piece arrives in a tiny corked glass bottle beautifully packaged, ready for gift giving.


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