Tourmalinated Quartz Gemstone Gold Pendant Necklace - Kūha'o

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18kt Gold Filled Necklace featuring a beautiful Tourmalinated Quartz slice gemstone plated in gold. Powerful Tourmalinated Quartz is a shield-stone that balances yin yang energies. It harmonizes disparate and opposite elements and polarities, and turns negative thoughts and energies into positive ones. It's a liberating power against negative energy.  Arm yourself with this favorite gold gemstone necklace.

✧ Name: Kūha'o (koo HAoo) - Independant.
✧ Gold plated Tourmalinated Quartz gemstone- naturally cut slices mean every piece is one of a kind - expect variances in size, color, and shape.
✧ 18kt gold filled satellite snake chain with spring clasp.
✧ All Ke Aloha Jewelry pieces come packaged thoughtfully, beautifully, and ready for gift giving.

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