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    a t t e s t

    a t t e s t

    "I truly don’t know how many items I’ve purchased from this shop at this point, but each piece is perfection. This necklace is exactly what I was looking for & it looks great layered or by itself." -Samantha

    "I love it!! It is so gorgeous! Definitely can tell the quality is top notch!" -Jessica

    "I've ordered many items and have been extremely happy. This item just adds to all of the beautiful things that you have sent to me. So dainty. Highest of quality and beauty. Thank you so much. I’ll be back" -Ann

    q u a l i t y

    q u a l i t y

    Ke Aloha Jewelry only uses high quality and enduring materials. From gold filled and sterling silver metals, to vermeil set with genuine gemstones and luminous shells.

    a l o h a

    a l o h a

    Ke Aloha Jewelry is a one woman owned online shop established in 2012. Dedicated to designing jewelry inspired by her love of Hawaii and all things sparkly, Lisa hopes your purchase inspires a ripple of aloha to yourself and everyone around you.

      For Maui

      Ke Aloha Jewelry is committed to giving back to the Maui community.

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